We are the borderline between fetish and fashion – we are the connector.
We are the focus point in chaos – we are the relief.
We are the shredded edge of black leather – we are dark.
We are the robust chain around a tiny waist – we are tough yet feminine.
We are the cock ring worn as a bracelet – we are shameless.
We are this awkward question you secretly wish to answer – we are the challenger.


XAOS is a leather accessory brand created in 2015 in Estonia. The main inspiration for our
items comes from fetish world which makes them bold and fierce. We don´t take the word
„fetish“ too literally… or then again- that is exactly what we do! All those obsessions,
addictions, beliefs and everyday habits that we have, those fetishes, is what inspires us.
Although in product assortment there are accessories suitable for bedroom, yet our aim is
to stay minimal and classy to spice up your everyday outfits just a right amount.